Admissions guidance

Amelia helps parents to understand the admissions process of each school, drawing up an appropriate preparation scheme for entrance exams and answering any questions that they are unable to find answers to elsewhere.

Some parents will have already started the application process, whilst other parents are beginning the process from scratch.

Not all parents require the full consultancy service.  Some just need clarification on a some key areas before continuing with the applications independently.  Others prefer to be helped through from the start to finish.  Amelia is happy to work with parents on any application, big or small.

Academic assessment

Academic assessment if often needed  in order to understand a child’s ability in comparison to his or her UK peers.  ​This is particularly relevant for those children studying abroad as many Hong Kong schools are unfamiliar with the academic levels expected at British schools.

Assessment are usually taken in Maths and English and marked according to UK standards.

Once the academic assessment was been marked, it is possible to advise on which schools would suit best taking into account the parents’ criteria along with a child’s interests and academic level.

In addition to this, the assessment serves as a helpful indicator should tutoring be needed; if there are gaps in a child’s knowledge, the assessment will aid in identifying these so that a tutor can know which areas to focus on.

Interview practice

Interviews are now a much more staple part of the admissions process than they were in the past.  Pupils applying for 11+ and 13+ places are expected to come prepared to talk easily either individually or in groups.

Whilst preparing a child for an interviews is important, it is more important to ensure that a child does not arrive with rehearsed answers and verbatim responses.

The purpose behind practice session therefore is primarily to encourage pupils to become familiar with the scenario of being interviewed by a stranger so that on the day they relax and answer questions to their best ability.

School selection

Amelia has helped children receive offers and scholarships to the majority of well known boarding schools including Winchester, Harrow, Eton, Wellington, Wycombe Abbey, Marlborough and Benenden.  She has also worked with families looking at prep school entrance to places such as Summer Fields, the Dragon, Godstowe and Caldicott as well as those applying to London day schools.

Whilst all of these schools have impressive reputations, beautiful grounds and enviable facilities, there are still crucial elements which set them apart from each other.  Identifying these differences is one of the key factors in choosing the right school for your child.

One of Amelia’s best resources is a strong relationship with the schools with which she works.  Making visits to the schools throughout the year, she is up to date on the differing admissions processes and the expectations of each one.

Choosing the right school for your child is not an easy process, made trickier when done from abroad.  However it is possible to navigate a successful application provided parents have access to someone who can keep them abreast of key issues, provide answers to tricky questions and help to draw up an early timeline to serve as a guide.

Applying to British schools from Hong Kong

One of the difficulties for parents living abroad is keeping up to date with the current state of play in the UK.  Many find that they are ill-informed when they come to making crucial decisions about their children’s education and are therefore at a disadvantage compared to those at home.  It is therefore important for a parent to seek out current, professional advice so as not to rely on out of date information from the grapevine.

Being British and based in Hong Kong, Amelia aims to offer a more insightful service as someone who has not only worked in education both in the UK and Asia but also went through the British boarding school system herself.

As life in Hong Kong can be hectic, Amelia is very happy to make things easier and meet at the family home to discuss your options.   It is also possible to arrange to meet at another convenient location.