About me


The daughter of an English farmer and an Australian cook, I spent a gloriously English childhood running through stubble fields, chasing balls on hockey pitches and trying to catch up with my brother.

Following in his footsteps, I attended Beeston Hall for prep school before travelling north to Gordonstoun the focus of Sky’s latest documentary; Gordonstoun: No Ordinary School.    Whilst Prince Charles may not have enjoyed his time there, I was terribly happy, terribly busy and well behaved enough to ultimately be appointed Guardian (head girl).

After a degree at Leeds where I read English Literature and Italian, I eventually found myself working for Keystone Tutors in London.  I started on the tutor placement team before migrating to the school consultancy side.

I later moved to Hong Kong working both for Keystone, Arch Education and as a freelance consultant.  Working in education in Hong Kong is a fantastic experience.  With so many cultures and opportunities in one city, I am still constantly amazed by the local interest in British education.  I enjoy meeting a myriad of different parents, hearing their opinions, their observations and helping point them in the right direction as they make decisions on their children’s futures.